Back on Track DJ Set March 2020

Woah! What in the world is happening folks….?

I’ve found time to DJ again!

I haven’t posted a video in 2 years, once again having been taken into a different world of mountain bikes and home improvement.

I have neglected my music, that is a fact, but recently being forced into isolation has afforded me the time to revisit my “decks”. I forgot how much healing there can be found in music. And I forgot how much fun it can be to get lost in your record collection.

Unfortunately my current situation has me limited to a super slow 1Mbps upload speed, so no live streams will be happening from me, however, I decided to record a mini 40 minute DJ set last night.

How I have it mapped

If you choose to watch the set, you might be intrigued as to what I am constantly doing with my hands, and what I have those large encoders mapped to on the old Kontrol X1.

I come from a time of mixing with Vinyl and then moving on to CDJ’s, I love the tactile feeling of adjusting the tempo and controlling the vinyl. Because of this I added a function to the mapping that allows me to use the large encoders on the X1 as mini DJ platters. I can “scratch” the record, hitting play, then grabbing the record to throw it into the mix in a similar way in which one would do it on a real turntable.

Obviously it’s not quite as tactile, but you can at least get a good feel for it. I will publish another post outlining this process and show you in a little more detail how to set this up for yourself.

Hope you’re all allowing yourself some time to be creative, but to also relax into the space we have created for ourselves during these times.


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