Capturing Samples into the Traktor Remix Decks

Capturing samples in Traktor is extremely easy and there are a couple of ways you can do this. One way is to use the sampler, which I have covered in a previous tutorial. The other way is by capturing samples into the top row of remix deck cells.

For those that have not used the remix decks before, you can get a basic idea of their functions in an article titled: Traktor Remix Deck Basics.

If you already own a Kontrol S4 you are in an ideal position to start working with the remix decks. If you don’t have a controller, don’t despair, you can also do this with your mouse! (more about that below) Continue reading “Capturing Samples into the Traktor Remix Decks”

Using Beatport Pro to Update your Traktor Library

Beatport Pro genre taggingThe latest iteration of Beatport Pro hasn’t been receiving too much love from me until recently. Moving from one organizing method to another is a huge leap and involves commitment, something I haven’t been willing to do for a while now. But I recently decided to take a deeper look at Beatport Pro for the reasons of tidying up my music library. Continue reading “Using Beatport Pro to Update your Traktor Library”