Benefits of Being Flexible

There’s a lot of talk flying about regarding what gear is right for you and many questions around what piece of equipment you need to be the next best thing since Paris Hilton. Sorry, that was a joke. But seriously you have to navigate this arena with much caution and also try to understand the importance of being flexible and not to have such laser focus on one particular piece of equipment. Let me explain why. Continue reading “Benefits of Being Flexible”

The Problem with Instant Gratification

The World is slowly becoming smaller. Now I don’t mean this in the physical sense, but in the way we can access anything within it.

Not only are flights connecting us more quickly, the internet is giving us access to things almost instantly. Amazon is even talking about introducing delivery by drones, so we can receive our material purchases as soon as possible. Continue reading “The Problem with Instant Gratification”

Most Important DJ Advice I Can Give You

You think it will never happen to you, you feel invincible, you follow all the rules when it comes to keeping your computer clean and you practice safe web browsing. Your computer has never crashed and you use the best, most expensive equipment, there’s no need for you to worry.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but today is the day! Continue reading “Most Important DJ Advice I Can Give You”

Clarity Encourages Creativity – It’s time to De-clutter!

De-Clutter you DJ Set-Up

It’s not the first time that a Traktor Tips article has been inspired by Leo Babuata from Zen Habits and this particular one fits that theme.

Following his recent article about de-cluttering the home, it became apparent to me that clutter, in all areas of life, can seriously constrict the flow of energy. As everything we can perceive is actually particles vibrating in space, it stands to reason that everything is a form of energy. Using this model, clutter can therefore be described as: stale energy that depletes your own energy and detracts from your focus. Continue reading “Clarity Encourages Creativity – It’s time to De-clutter!”

What makes a Successful DJ

Successful DJ
photo credit: seeveeaar

The world has gone crazy! I know it has because I see it whenever I look at the rectangular object in the corner (not that I own one).

That little box of illusions is tempting you with fame and fortune, all the while trying to sell you an image of someone you don’t even know you want to be.

Society has made us believe that those who appear on that screen are the only successful ones.  We are shown the red carpet, the shiny lights, the money, the fame, the girls (and guys) and it’s all presented as something you must have! Continue reading “What makes a Successful DJ”

Curing RGAS – How DJ’s can save $11,862

dj-gearHave you ever had your eye on that one special piece of DJ gear? You know the one I’m talking about. The one that’s going to make you the BEST DJ in the world! The one that’s going to make all your problems go away. You said you were done with new DJ gear, but this time it’s different. Just one last purchase and then you’ll be happy. Continue reading “Curing RGAS – How DJ’s can save $11,862”

Art of Asking – Making a Living from Music

In this video Amanda Palmer tells the story of how she travelled the rocky road of the music industry. She explains her history and offers up a great model of how we can interact with others in order to develop a life rich with experiences and connections.

I feel that she offers great advice for anyone wanting to make something of themselves in the music industry. Continue reading “Art of Asking – Making a Living from Music”