Traktor Pro 3 and the New S2 and S4 DJ controllers

Native Instruments have recently dropped the announcement of new DJ controllers and the long anticipated arrival of the Traktor Pro 3 DJ software. Whilst I have been sat on the sidelines of for some months now, struggling to prioritize any motivation for contributing to the site, I could not pass up an opportunity to comment on this latest foray back into the scene by Native Instruments. So hello, it’s great to see you again. Continue reading “Traktor Pro 3 and the New S2 and S4 DJ controllers”

Pioneer XDJ-RX is Exciting – No Laptop Required


As many of my regular readers will know, I do not post articles about many controllers, or too much about DJ equipment, but upon seeing the latest offering from Pioneer, I just can’t help myself.

The Pioneer XDJ-RX is the most exciting controller I’ve seen hit the DJ world since the Kontrol X1 mark 1, and the reasons are simple: Continue reading “Pioneer XDJ-RX is Exciting – No Laptop Required”

TKFX – iPad & Android Effects Control for Traktor

Tablets have been appearing in the DJ bags of many in recent years, due to their lightweight portability, and also because of their wireless connectivity and tactile approach for hands on control. There are many apps out there that can be paired up with Traktor to control set features or even user mappable controls. I have reviewed some of these in the past, including touch OSC and Maago (links below), but this time, I wanted to take a look a dedicated effects app: TKFX. Continue reading “TKFX – iPad & Android Effects Control for Traktor”

Chroma Caps from DJ Tech Tools – Are they any Good?

Chroma Caps from DJ Tech ToolsFor those that have been following my writing, you will know that I am not the kinda guy that’s too into wasting money on unnecessary gadgets and gimmicks. I used to be easily enticed towards shiny new objects but in a world torn between over-consumption and minimalism I have taken a step closer to the minimalist side of life, always striving to do more with less, or even do less with less. Continue reading “Chroma Caps from DJ Tech Tools – Are they any Good?”