Upload your Traktor Playlist to Mixcloud

As many of you may know, MixCloud is a great web based app that allows you to upload your DJ mixes to the internet so that you can show all your friends what an amazing DJ you are! MixCloud offers you the chance to enter your track listing on your mix, not only does this give your followers a chance to see what great taste you have in music, it also offers them an option of purchasing that track should MixCloud recognize the name.  To save you the hassle of typing it all out, there is a great feature of … Continue reading Upload your Traktor Playlist to Mixcloud

What’s new in Traktor 2.5.1 Update

There are some great features in the update, but a few of the ones that really interest me are in the Track Deck section, Timecode issues and preferences. “Synchronization no longer ignores second and following grid markers” sound like a great fix for those issues when a track has multiple BPMs. (I still need to test this out) I often had issues with Traktor randomly switching from Absolute to Relative mode, looks like this has been fixed. Thank you Native Instruments. Another really cool feature, which caused me to upgrade, was highlighted to me by the amazing Dj Tech Tools – The … Continue reading What’s new in Traktor 2.5.1 Update

How to Update to Traktor 2.5.1

I am all too familiar with the risks of early adoption of new software, for this reason I am still running Mac OSX 10.7.4 (Lion). I like to let other people deal with the issues, iron them out for me and then know that I am safe to upgrade.  So for now I will continue to run Lion.  For this reason I am happy that I can upgrade to 2.5.1 with no hassles whatsoever. For those that have never updated before, it is a simple process:- How to Update I always recommend backing up your previous collections before doing any type … Continue reading How to Update to Traktor 2.5.1