Mountain Lion Compatibility Issues with Traktor

As Mountain Lion becomes available for purchase people will be upgrading their systems.  Some people are early adopters and just can’t wait to get their hands on the newest system.  I would offer you a word of warning however.  Native Instruments has reported some compatibility issues.  I would recommend that one waits until all these issues have been ironed out.  If however you are happy to go test things out, then NI have released some Beta Drivers for those experiencing issues. In the NI newsletter they say the follow:- Due to USB audio driver issues present in recent versions of … Continue reading Mountain Lion Compatibility Issues with Traktor

Traktor 2.5 Update

We are now two months in to the release of Traktor 2.5 and Native instruments have released an update, 2.5.1. I am sure they have ironed out a few creases and made the experience better for everyone, here is a copy of the email they sent out today! Dear TRAKTOR DJ, We’re pleased to announce that the TRAKTOR 2.5.1 update is now available for free download. The update contains several new features, including Pioneer HID CDJ Integration, Remix Deck and timecode advancements for all users of the newest generation of TRAKTOR. You can download the update using the NI Service … Continue reading Traktor 2.5 Update

Traktor 2.5

EDIT – correction: The good news: Native instruments contacted me today to explain that all updates within a major version (e.g. 2.x) are absolutely free of charge for registered users, you´ll be able to download the newest version (2.5) in your Service Center application from May 30th onwards – you won´t have to purchase anything at all. AMAZING! So most of us probably already know of the impending release of Traktor 2.5, but how many of you are going to make this leap? It all looks very cool.  The new addition of ‘remix decks’ which seems to be an embellishment of the previous ‘sample decks’ … Continue reading Traktor 2.5

Speeding up your Lion

It has come to my attention that a lot of people have been experiencing slower than normal operating speeds for Traktor following an upgrade to Lion on the Mac. I have not been experiencing these issues on my 2006 MacBook Pro, but I have been noticing some lagging on my 2010 iMac whilst using logic, which should not be the case. The only real difference I could imagine was to account for this speed difference was down to the fact that I had previously completed a clean install of snow leopard on my MacBook Pro just a few weeks prior … Continue reading Speeding up your Lion

iPad Control for Traktor Pro 2

I previously covered the Touch OSC for iPhone a little while back and a previous post will explain how you can do this and where to download the software. I decided to go ahead and purchase the Osculator software so I could properly run this software on the iPad and I have included a video below to show you this in action.  I simply am using the demo template on the iPad, but the software than links it all up ended up costing me $20. This set up is ideal for the mobile DJ with lack of your own transport. … Continue reading iPad Control for Traktor Pro 2