Wink Sound – Video Tutorials

WinkSound is a The Music Production and Audio Technology Video Channel.  They have various social outposts on the internet including Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and their Tumbler Blog. WinkSound’s programming is geared towards anyone who has an interest in self expression through audio production. Their goal is to enable the next generation of Audio Creatives to develop as professionals by creating educational and entertaining programming which shares the fundamental knowledge and tools necessary to be consistent and innovative within the Music Production and Audio Technology industry. As curators and producers of music production ‘How-To’ videos, they are a good place to check … Continue reading Wink Sound – Video Tutorials

Getting Technical with James Zabiela & Pete Tong

Pete Tong hosts a BBC DJ Techniques workshop with James Zabiela.  The video is amazing for geeking out to and seeing how James sets his gear up.  It also covers the Syncing debate nicely.  As James puts it, “….it’s easier than it’s ever been to beat match…. you have to evolve and bring new things into your sets….Continue reading “Getting Technical with James Zabiela & Pete Tong”

My Reaction to the Sync Debate Nonsense

With the recent release of the CDJ 2000 NXS, the Sync debate has risen again!  A recent article from Not Your Juke Box brought my attention to this.  Here is my response! I am upset that this debate is still given traction. It certainly highlights the immaturity of many and the fragility of egos when sides must be taken on this ‘sync or no sync’ nonsense! Thankfully at this stage, people are free to choose whatever method they prefer to achieve the results they want. I would not tell you how to bring up your child, because it is YOUR … Continue reading My Reaction to the Sync Debate Nonsense

Don’t forget the Traktor Kontrol X1 – (Overview)

In recent weeks with the introduction of the new Kontrol F1 and the New Maschine it is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone to navigate the controller arena. I have received questions from many people as to which controller is right for them and following my previous article on the differences between the X1 and F1 I have decided to produce a quick video showing exactly what the Kontrol X1 does and why I find it the most valuable tool in the Native Instruments Collection of Hardware controllers. With the introduction of the Traktor Remix Decks, there isnt one controller that … Continue reading Don’t forget the Traktor Kontrol X1 – (Overview)

Control Freaks & Attention Whores with a hint of Technorati

I owe the title of this post to a loyal follower of Traktor Tips (Thanks Kevin).  We were having a Twitter conversation when the subject of DJ Psychology cropped up.  I felt it might make a great subject to discuss here on Traktor Tips.  So here I attempt to delve into the seedy underbelly of DJ Psychology, wish me luck……. In the beginning there was a groove….. DJ’s come from all walks of life, from simple upbringings to the most grandiose of backgrounds.  The majority however, I would say are born from humble beginnings, with a hankering for music in … Continue reading Control Freaks & Attention Whores with a hint of Technorati