Traktor Introduces Colour Coding of Tracks

It’s been a long time since Native Instruments made any significant update to their flagship DJ software Traktor. Just recently they spewed out a very minimal change, that may or may not seem useful.

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Music Management: How I keep things Organized.

Keeping your music files organized is actually the most difficult part of digital DJ’ing. Yet I feel it is the most crucial aspect to making sure that you flow as a DJ.

Knowing how your music is organized and where you can find it with ease, will make your job as a DJ much more joyful. The worst feeling whilst playing a set, is having only a few bars of a track left before you’ve even got something loaded up into the next deck.

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Using Beatport Pro to Update your Traktor Library

Beatport Pro genre taggingThe latest iteration of Beatport Pro hasn’t been receiving too much love from me until recently. Moving from one organizing method to another is a huge leap and involves commitment, something I haven’t been willing to do for a while now. But I recently decided to take a deeper look at Beatport Pro for the reasons of tidying up my music library. Continue reading “Using Beatport Pro to Update your Traktor Library”

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Why it’s better to know your Music than to plan a DJ Set

No DJ gig is ever the same! Even if we were to play the exact same set, you would notice that something was different about it. It might be the way in which the crowd received it, or maybe the way you delivered it, whatever it is, be sure in the knowledge that you can never have two identical DJ gigs. This is my main reason for expressing my belief that it’s better to know your music than to plan a DJ set. Continue reading “Why it’s better to know your Music than to plan a DJ Set”

How to Sync Beatport Pro with Traktor

I wanted to take a few minutes to show you how to sync Beatport Pro with Traktor so that you guys can get up and running with this latest music organisation tool.

Seamless Meta Data Sync

I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to tag tracks and export the Beatport Pro collection to integrate with Traktor. I was not expecting the syncing to be live and seamless, however once you have exported your collection once from Beatport Pro, you don’t have to do it again. This was my key concern when I heard about the announcement from Beatport. Continue reading “How to Sync Beatport Pro with Traktor”