How To Pick A Great DJ Name

The Dj name game, is a great one! I have tried both a pseudo name and also my real name. I guess apart from google-ability the other thing one must consider is whether or not you happy for your DJ world to be intermingled with your private life? Social media is slowly blurring the line between these two worlds. It is very easy to create an alter ego, but increasingly difficult to manage. My advice would be for people to be who they truly are and if your real name does not lend itself very easily to the stage, then … Continue reading How To Pick A Great DJ Name

Xtreme Mapping

For those of you who are heavily into using controllerism as your art form when it comes to DJ’ing, you may find that the mapping capabilities of Traktors ‘Controller Manager” are somewhat lacking for your various needs and requirements.  Enter “Xtreme Mappings”. Xtreme Mappings is a Mac OSX only app, that is available from the Mac App Store for $7.99 and offers a different, purportedly more user friendly method of assigning your various midi tasks. For a full review of this software head on over to Traktor Bible.   Continue reading Xtreme Mapping

Friday Guest MIx – Lloyd Hoy

It’s always so hard to pick a guest mix for Friday – I both love the job and hate it.  for those that don’t get featured, I want you to know I love your mixes too and think they are awesome, but at this stage I can only chose one.  I do get around to listen to your mixes and I appreciate you being involved in the Traktortips community.  I want to thank you ALL for submitting your mixes, please keep tweeting your mixes with a mention of @Traktortips with your chance for a feature on the pages. This week, … Continue reading Friday Guest MIx – Lloyd Hoy

Run to the Shops – Traktor Kontrol F1 is Waiting

The build up and Hype has worked and now the F1 is in stores, released into the wild for al you adding live remix Traktor DJ’s to get your mucky paws on.  NI seem to have a bunch of cool videos on their site. Thought I’d give you a teaser right here on Traktortips. I think it looks fantastic – I just wanna see some sweet tech house usage – Feel free to submit your videos to @traktortips   on Twitter. Continue reading Run to the Shops – Traktor Kontrol F1 is Waiting