Locking Tracks in Traktor

It may be something that many people overlook, but locking tracks in Traktor is a very important function to prevent unwanted, accidental changes to a track. In this very quick video I will show you how and why it is important to lock all your tracks after setting the beatgrid. Continue reading “Locking Tracks in Traktor”

Traktor Remix Decks – Basics

Using the Traktor Remix Decks is a whole new experience and opens up a different perspective on DJ’ing. Having the ability to load loops and samples into 64 different cells, and playing 4 of them at any one time is a great way to create your own unique DJ sets. In this tutorial, I will simply introduce the remix decks and give you a short taster of how you can change the preferences of each cell in a remix deck. Continue reading “Traktor Remix Decks – Basics”

Record Samples in Traktor using a Microphone and S4

You may have seen the videos of Dub FX creating a live mash-up set on some rooftop somewhere (if you havent it’s at the bottom of this article), it’s pretty cool to see and even more fun to do. In response to recent question from a Traktor Tips reader I have decided to create a tutorial to show you how simple it really is to record samples in Traktor using the microphone and S4. And how to build a fun track using samples of your voice and other tracks.

Now I am no talented beat-boxer and definitely don’t have a singing voice, this tutorial is just a bit of fun so you can see how it works, so please no making fun of my vocal skills! Continue reading “Record Samples in Traktor using a Microphone and S4”

What BPM Should I play in a club?


DJ Skar writes: “What BPM should I play in a club?”

This is a great question and gives me an opportunity to explain my angle on this very subjective topic. For those that do not know; BPM stands for Beats Per Minute, a measurement that is used to determine the speed or the tempo of a particular track. Although there is no right or wrong tempo at which to play a track, tracks are made by the producer at a specific tempo. That tempo was decided by them at the time of production and ultimately decided upon based on either the vibe that the producer wishes to create, or simply artistic licence. In other words a producer can write a track at any tempo they choose. Continue reading “What BPM Should I play in a club?”

5 things to consider when buying a New DJ Laptop

small__408673425You knew the time would come, your dj laptop is getting slow, the screen won’t shut anymore, the WI-FI connection drops more than it should, there are vibrating noises that shouldn’t be happening and you’re at the end of your 2nd batteries life. Technology is jumping further and further ahead making your computers start up procedure feel like you’re in quicksand. Continue reading “5 things to consider when buying a New DJ Laptop”