Your Questions – Exporting Traktors BPM tags to iTunes


Traktor Tips reader ‘Clifford‘ asks: “What’s the easiest way to import your Traktor BPM into your iTunes Library?

Thanks Clifford for this excellent question, unfortunately the answer isn’t a simple straight forward quick reply and some considerations must be given to your iTunes Library preferences before you go ahead and complete this task. Continue reading “Your Questions – Exporting Traktors BPM tags to iTunes”

Traktor Archive Playlist History: Find old Sessions

Traktor has many great features, some they tell you about, some they don’t. Even after I have been scouring the preferences and settings of Traktor for the last few years, I am always learning new things. This week I was reminded of the archive feature for old playlists. Continue reading “Traktor Archive Playlist History: Find old Sessions”

Traktor Remix Decks – Basics

Using the Traktor Remix Decks is a whole new experience and opens up a different perspective on DJ’ing. Having the ability to load loops and samples into 64 different cells, and playing 4 of them at any one time is a great way to create your own unique DJ sets. In this tutorial, I will simply introduce the remix decks and give you a short taster of how you can change the preferences of each cell in a remix deck. Continue reading “Traktor Remix Decks – Basics”