Help needed – Video Content

Hello followers! Over the last year I have been helping people out with Traktor, by producing free videos and offering some technical help here and there, when I can.  I am now at a crossroads in my traktortips hobby.  It can either go onwards or downwards. I would love to continue offering tutorials to help lots of people out, so in an attempt to research the feasibility of this project, I wanted to conduct a little bit of market research. If you have watched any of my videos over on Youtube I would appreciate you answer the quick question below. … Continue reading Help needed – Video Content

First look – Traktor Pro 2

Traktor Pro 2 is here! The eagerly awaited Traktor Pro 2 from Native Instruments has arrived in stores and is also available for download.  I downloaded the demo version yesterday and had a quick play around with it.  The aim was to check out the main differences and to communicate them to you. What’s changed? So the install process is first of all very simple.  It allows you to copy all your previous settings and information across into Traktor 2.  The only thing that appears to be missing so far is my X1 settings, but this will be straight forward to do … Continue reading First look – Traktor Pro 2

Podcast – Episode 2

Hey Everyone – I wanted to let you know that I have recorded my second episode of my podcast, recorded live, using Traktor.  If people are interested in knowing how I set up my Audio settings for this, feel free to drop me a line.  I may even post a video in the coming weeks to show you this. If there is anything in-particular you guys want to know, just let me know…… Traktortips Podcast Continue reading Podcast – Episode 2

Which Traktor Software is right for me?

Traktor Duo, Pro, LE or Scratch versions? One thing that Traktor has going against it, is it’s confusing line of products, which at first glance appears to be difficult to decipher!  I want to try to take the confusion out of this and offer a little advice on the direction you should take when choosing a Traktor Product. Scratch or not? If you currently DJ using turntables or CDJ’s and you want to keep that feel, then you will need to make sure you have a ‘Scratch’ version of Traktor.  This will enable you to use both Vinyl and/or CD’s … Continue reading Which Traktor Software is right for me?