DJ Tech Tools – Zabiela Interview

Thanks to DJ Tech Tools for sharing this cool interview of James Zabiela unpacking his bag of tricks!  What an ordeal packing all that stuff up would be! Nice to see he is a fan of the Audio 8 – I know he used to use traktor for some effects a little while back to using the Korg Nano Pad, for more check out this video Continue reading DJ Tech Tools – Zabiela Interview

More iPad / iPhone Software

So a little while ago I shared some info with you all on the OSC IOS device controller software for Traktor.  There is another one out there, that also looks pretty good. I Came across the ixiMix and wanted to spread the news.  Watch the video below – keep it going past half way and you will see the iPhone demo aswell as the iPad. Below the video you will find a link to the site – doesn’t seem bad at all for the price.  The question is, is it simpler to set up than the OSC app from the … Continue reading More iPad / iPhone Software

Traktor worked well

Last night was the first run of Traktor 2 out and about in the real world instead of in a safe environment.  It performed very well.  I noticed that it was very smooth and the reaction times whilst using CDJ’s as my control method was very responsive.  My set up included 2 CDJ’s, a Xone92 and my Kontrol X1.  There were no glitches or issues at any point, it seemed to be very stable.  Everything was working as it should be, although I didn’t delve in to any sample decks as yet.  I can’t see why these should be any … Continue reading Traktor worked well