James Zabiela

Zabiela Traktor TipsI’m not sure that James Zabiela needs much of an introduction, as any introduction I do offer here, will not encapsulate the sophistication and talent of this musical wizard. I have been a huge fan of James for many years, since first seeing him play at Godskitchen, Birmingham UK back in the early 2000’s

From his early beginnings of working in a record shop, to winning Muzik Magazines Bedroom DJ Competition in 2000, to being ‘found’ by Sasha via a mix tape handed to him by Lee Burridge; Zabiela has come a long way and still manages to remain humble, upbeat and very level headed.  His passion for the music is truly evident when watching him perform.  His energy is mesmerizing and his technical know-how is unwavering.

Zabiela uses a plethora of tools during his DJ sets and does not seem to limit himself to one particular software, although he is always seen to be using pioneer equipment.  His use of Traktor software has been noted, although I have not seen him publicly endorse Traktor in any way, although this video shows him using it for some amazing effects……

Zabiela also made himself known for trying out cool tricks for the first time on stage at his shows.  He is an active participant in the online world and is always keen to showcase his tricks, most recently the new pioneer RMX1000.  He has some excellent videos online over at his own YouTube page, but here is an excellent video of him messing about with the Korg Nano a long time back.

For more content on Traktortips about James Zabiela Check out the Tag Zabiela and the link to his home page.

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