Top 10 Traktor Tips Reads of 2014

In true DJ website style, I have decided to place the top ten visited articles of 2014 into one all encompassing article. This mini chart was compiled using google analytics and as such is not necessarily a fair representation, as articles posted earlier in the year have a better chance of getting more hits than those posted later. But at least it will give you an idea of what people have been looking at during 2014. Continue reading “Top 10 Traktor Tips Reads of 2014”

Lost on DE Radio Show – December 2014

This month my LIVE radio show for DE Radio was recorded on video for you all to watch.

You also have the option of listening to the set on Soundcloud instead.

This months show features a guest mix from one of our readers, Conor McGovern. Conor’s set begins after one hour and is not featured in the video, but can be heard in the Soundcloud mix at the bottom of this page. The entire set is available for download so you can listen to it at your leisure. Continue reading “Lost on DE Radio Show – December 2014”

The Answer Lies Within – Explore Your inner DJ

go-withinIt’s not often that an article on a DJ tips website talks about meditation, but It’s time one did, so stick with me and find out how you can discover your own path to “success”, with this uplifting ‘go-getter’ attitude piece of advice, that I dug up from within the realms of the unknown.

I try to walk a somewhat spiritual path. I meditate as often as possible, recently it has been a twice daily occurrence. And whilst I don’t do yoga, I do a kind of yoga inspired ‘stretching’. I find that meditation clears my mind and puts me in a state of flow. Continue reading “The Answer Lies Within – Explore Your inner DJ”

Your Questions: How do I use the Kontrol F1 with the Kontrol S2?


This week Traktor Tip’s reader Mark H asks:

“Not sure if you can help with this but i am thinking of getting a couple of F1’s to go with my S2. The problem i am having is finding any information on how to integrate them or use them with my S2.  I am told by some; I need to be switching to midi mode or buy an S4 and others saying this is not the case, stick with the S2,  so at the moment i am totally confused. Continue reading “Your Questions: How do I use the Kontrol F1 with the Kontrol S2?”

Benefits of Being Flexible

There’s a lot of talk flying about regarding what gear is right for you and many questions around what piece of equipment you need to be the next best thing since Paris Hilton. Sorry, that was a joke. But seriously you have to navigate this arena with much caution and also try to understand the importance of being flexible and not to have such laser focus on one particular piece of equipment. Let me explain why. Continue reading “Benefits of Being Flexible”