2011 MacBook Pro Review

With the help of a Traktor Tips reader we present you with a mini user review of an Apple MacBook Pro 13″ late 2011. The Reviewer Dimitris Diavatis Background: Musician (classically trained), with several years experience in classical music live … Continue reading 2011 MacBook Pro Review

5 things to consider when buying a New DJ Laptop

small__408673425You knew the time would come, your dj laptop is getting slow, the screen won’t shut anymore, the WI-FI connection drops more than it should, there are vibrating noises that shouldn’t be happening and you’re at the end of your 2nd batteries life. Technology is jumping further and further ahead making your computers start up procedure feel like you’re in quicksand. Continue reading “5 things to consider when buying a New DJ Laptop”

Mountain Lion Compatibility Issues with Traktor

As Mountain Lion becomes available for purchase people will be upgrading their systems.  Some people are early adopters and just can’t wait to get their hands on the newest system.  I would offer you a word of warning however.  Native Instruments has reported some compatibility issues.  I would recommend that one waits until all these issues have been ironed out.  If however you are happy to go test things out, then NI have released some Beta Drivers for those experiencing issues. In the NI newsletter they say the follow:- Due to USB audio driver issues present in recent versions of … Continue reading Mountain Lion Compatibility Issues with Traktor

Speeding up your Lion

It has come to my attention that a lot of people have been experiencing slower than normal operating speeds for Traktor following an upgrade to Lion on the Mac. I have not been experiencing these issues on my 2006 MacBook Pro, but I have been noticing some lagging on my 2010 iMac whilst using logic, which should not be the case. The only real difference I could imagine was to account for this speed difference was down to the fact that I had previously completed a clean install of snow leopard on my MacBook Pro just a few weeks prior … Continue reading Speeding up your Lion