Using Beatport Pro to Update your Traktor Library

Beatport Pro genre taggingThe latest iteration of Beatport Pro hasn’t been receiving too much love from me until recently. Moving from one organizing method to another is a huge leap and involves commitment, something I haven’t been willing to do for a while now. But I recently decided to take a deeper look at Beatport Pro for the reasons of tidying up my music library. Continue reading “Using Beatport Pro to Update your Traktor Library”

Beatport Mixes

On June 19th Beatport launched Beatport Mixes a service that is being rolled out slowly to a select few with an invite only.  It appears that once up and running, you will be able to upload your DJ mixes which will be sold online through Beatport.  As beatport says on its blog, it is “a system that fairly delivers your dollars to the DJs, record producers, and labels who create the mixes you love.” Is this Beatports’ attempt at challenging the ever poplar tools such as Mixcloud and Soundcloud?  As this feature is limited public beta it may be a … Continue reading Beatport Mixes