Percussa Audio Cubes

Today I wanted to show you all these amazing Audio Cubes from Percussa.  They were introduced in 2008 but I have not seen them around too much since.

Audio Cubes

These little beauties have more tricks up their sleeve than at first you might think.

Each cube has 4 low latency infra red sensors and communication ports, capable of communicating with another cube nearby or with your fingers and hands.  They are rechargeable by USB and offer wireless connectivity.   Continue reading “Percussa Audio Cubes”

iPad Control for Traktor Pro 2

I previously covered the Touch OSC for iPhone a little while back and a previous post will explain how you can do this and where to download the software. I decided to go ahead and purchase the Osculator software so I could properly run this software on the iPad and I have included a video below to show you this in action.  I simply am using the demo template on the iPad, but the software than links it all up ended up costing me $20. This set up is ideal for the mobile DJ with lack of your own transport. … Continue reading iPad Control for Traktor Pro 2