Calling all Female DJ’s

Whilst digging around on my Facebook Page Stats, it became apparent that a measly 4.3% of followers are female! This is crazy! I know the DJ industry is definitely a more male dominated arena but 4.3% is quite a shocking difference. Why the Difference? There could be a lot of factors contributing to this heavy imbalance, lets break it down. Facebook – Is the imbalance due to Facebook? Maybe there are lots of female Traktor DJ’s hiding out there, they’re just not on Facebook? Well, that theory is soon shot down as statistics show that there are more females using … Continue reading Calling all Female DJ’s

Which Traktor Kontrol – X1 or F1?

Recently a Traktor Tips subscriber asked what the difference was between the X1 and F1 and so I thought I would explain them both here. Kontrol X1 I have been using the X1 for Traktor since its release date, I tested it against an Allen & Heath Xone 1D and the X1 came out on top.  It has been my goto controller for Traktor from that point on. The X1 has been designed by Native Instruments purposefully for use with Traktor.  All its controls are pre-mapped to the necessary functions within the software allowing you to navigate your track collection, load … Continue reading Which Traktor Kontrol – X1 or F1?

The 6 Levels of DJ’ing

The DJ world has certainly moved on over the last few decades, from the humble beginnings of House in the 70’s when the abbreviation ‘D.J.’ actually directly translated to Disc Jockey, to the current diluted world where the term DJ is as common as the word iPod.  In this day and age EVERYONE’s a DJ.  I’m sure even your grandma has “DJ’d” a few tunes in the kitchen at Christmas time, touting her knowledge of Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole. As everyone seems to be a self proclaimed DJ, (even iTunes has a DJ function), I think its time … Continue reading The 6 Levels of DJ’ing