Traktor Kontrol K2 – DJ Craze Video

After a month of pre-order status the Traktor Kontrol K2 is now available in stores. DJ Craze has had his for a while now and has therefore had the chance to rock it out pretty well. ┬áCheck out the video below:- Related articles Traktor Kontrol Z2 ( Continue reading Traktor Kontrol K2 – DJ Craze Video

Starting to DJ out – “Bring your own”

So you’ve been spending time collecting music, you have spent time learning your skills and fine tuning new tricks, your skills are at a level you feel comfortable playing out, so now it’s time to make it happen.

Unfortunately at the beginner level, it’s not as straight forward as just heading down to the local club with a USB stick full of music! This maybe the case for the lucky few, but for the majority, the bar will ask you to “…bring your own…” Continue reading “Starting to DJ out – “Bring your own””