Luciano explains the Traktor Kontrol F1 and its Benefits

If you haven’t already been tempted in to the F1, Luciano may just encourage you that extra step (I know I might make the purchase pretty soon here). Luciano’s passion shows through in this video as he explains nicely how the F1 functions for him.  At first the mash up of multi-coloured lights might seem like too much to handle, but Luciano seems to explain their functionality in simplistic terms that allow you to see its versatility and tempting necessity. Thanks Luciano for stepping up to the camera and saying hi. Continue reading Luciano explains the Traktor Kontrol F1 and its Benefits

Traktor Kontrol X1 Carry Case

With the release of the new Kontrol F1, there are likely more people out there with expensive hardware in their DJ kit bag.  Things have changed somewhat since the earlier days of my DJ career.  Instead of taking a heavy bag full of records to a gig, I now carry that same UDG record bag that I used to carry many years ago, only this time its stuffed with hardware goodies! What’s in your bag? The contents of my bag vary depending on each gig, but the main contents include:- X1 Maschine MacBook Pro Audio 8 Laptop Stand External Hard … Continue reading Traktor Kontrol X1 Carry Case

Kontrol F1 – Decksaver

I came across this awesome little video review of what appears to be a fairly valuable piece of equipment for all you equipment junkies out there.  The F1 is pretty new on the market with a release dated the end of May 2012, but you are already able to protect your new prize possession from the clumsiness of fellow DJ’s or those careless friends that like to dribble close to your equipment! (I am still referring to your DJ hardware!) This Deck Saver is all over the internet should you want to buy one and it’s not too highly priced! … Continue reading Kontrol F1 – Decksaver