Friday Guest Mix – MadPete

It seems that with only one mix currently uploaded to Soundcloud; MadPete is relatively new on the scene?  However, once you listen to this mix, you will see that he has a tuned ear for some great records and has pieced them together nicely in this musical journey of Old Vs. New.  There is a DJ history to Pete that is hidden by his soundcloud sparsity, but with a little love from you gorgeous Traktor Tips followers, I am sure we can bump his following up……..Listen to his mix below and go follow him on Soundcloud – giving is receiving, lets build … Continue reading Friday Guest Mix – MadPete

Friday Guest Mix – Philosurfer

Wanted to thank Philosurfer for this weeks mix – I have always been a house head as you can maybe tell from the majority of my mix selections for this weekly slot.  I want to try and give everyone a fair crack of the whip and feature other genres as I go.  This particular mix is a combination of some old Skool sounds and some new style dub step / Glitch hop.  Either way there is some soul behind this selection of tracks and for this, I want to introduce you to Philosurfer…… Continue reading Friday Guest Mix – Philosurfer

Friday Guest Mix – Rekutt

I want to take the time to thanks ALL people for submitting a mix for this weeks Friday Guest Mix, unfortunately, I can only pick one of you.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t get featured at a future time, just keep reminding me on twitter. Tweet #FridayGuestMix This week however, I have picked Rekutt.  This is due to the amazing the selection from years gone by.  For those new to the music scene, I recommend you listen closely as there are many tracks in his mix that shaped the dance music scene.  For non-new-comers, it is a great trip … Continue reading Friday Guest Mix – Rekutt

Friday Guest MIx – Lloyd Hoy

It’s always so hard to pick a guest mix for Friday – I both love the job and hate it.  for those that don’t get featured, I want you to know I love your mixes too and think they are awesome, but at this stage I can only chose one.  I do get around to listen to your mixes and I appreciate you being involved in the Traktortips community.  I want to thank you ALL for submitting your mixes, please keep tweeting your mixes with a mention of @Traktortips with your chance for a feature on the pages. This week, … Continue reading Friday Guest MIx – Lloyd Hoy

Fridays Guest Mix – Nandi Wardana

I have recently started to ask you Awesome Traktortips subscribers for mix submissions through twitter. It appears that you are sending me some really top quality stuff and I wish I could share it all. I try to get through them all, but can never promise that. I want to share one I really enjoyed this week and hope you all love it too. All of the mixes I receive seem to be from guys, so come on girls, don’t be shy, I know you are out there – get your mixes submitted and get featured on Traktortips Friday Guest … Continue reading Fridays Guest Mix – Nandi Wardana