Eartop Flow – Wireless Goodness

You know that moment when you need to move a certain distance from the decks, but you can’t find a suitable safe place to rest your headphones without risk of pressing a button or moving a slider. Well now there’s no need to even put them down. A new device is set to launch that will make pretty much any set of headphones wireless. Eartop have created the ‘Flow‘, which works via plugging half of the device into any 3.5mm jack and the other half into the listening device, sending the audio via bluetooth, thus making it wireless. . Once … Continue reading Eartop Flow – Wireless Goodness

Record a Mix with No Audio Interface

A quick little video below will show you how you can still go ahead and record a mix even if you don’t have an external audio Card. You only need a pair of headphones. One ear acts as the main output and the other ear is the cue channel. Very simple and it works. The internal recording, still records both left and right output channels. Have Fun! Continue reading Record a Mix with No Audio Interface

Beat-grid ‘Tick’ Tip

          Hello folks – Just a quick tip here about how you can hear the tick sound for lining up your beatgrids. So the ‘Tick’ button at the top of the screen in the metronome section is the tick for the Master Tempo.  This tick button will allow you to hear a tick that is set to the Tempo that is displayed alongside it in the master tempo window.  If you Sync your track to the master tempo then you should attempt to aline the beat with the tick in your headphones. The other method of … Continue reading Beat-grid ‘Tick’ Tip