Friday Guest MIx – DJ Woody

There has been a whole bunch of DJ mixes submitted over that last week and I thank you for that – it’s so great to hear the different styles out there and all your different DJ Skills – keep playing and having fun. To submit your mix you need to be on Twitter….. Tweet #FridayGuestMix This week I have selected DJ Woody – If you can deal with the crying baby sound in the first track, you will be treated to a smooth selection of grooves.  I thought it was very fitting to the beautiful sunny weather I am getting … Continue reading Friday Guest MIx – DJ Woody

Luciano explains the Traktor Kontrol F1 and its Benefits

If you haven’t already been tempted in to the F1, Luciano may just encourage you that extra step (I know I might make the purchase pretty soon here). Luciano’s passion shows through in this video as he explains nicely how the F1 functions for him.  At first the mash up of multi-coloured lights might seem like too much to handle, but Luciano seems to explain their functionality in simplistic terms that allow you to see its versatility and tempting necessity. Thanks Luciano for stepping up to the camera and saying hi. Continue reading Luciano explains the Traktor Kontrol F1 and its Benefits

Friday Guest Mix – Rekutt

I want to take the time to thanks ALL people for submitting a mix for this weeks Friday Guest Mix, unfortunately, I can only pick one of you.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t get featured at a future time, just keep reminding me on twitter. Tweet #FridayGuestMix This week however, I have picked Rekutt.  This is due to the amazing the selection from years gone by.  For those new to the music scene, I recommend you listen closely as there are many tracks in his mix that shaped the dance music scene.  For non-new-comers, it is a great trip … Continue reading Friday Guest Mix – Rekutt