Record Samples in Traktor using a Microphone and S4

You may have seen the videos of Dub FX creating a live mash-up set on some rooftop somewhere (if you havent it’s at the bottom of this article), it’s pretty cool to see and even more fun to do. In response to recent question from a Traktor Tips reader I have decided to create a tutorial to show you how simple it really is to record samples in Traktor using the microphone and S4. And how to build a fun track using samples of your voice and other tracks.

Now I am no talented beat-boxer and definitely don’t have a singing voice, this tutorial is just a bit of fun so you can see how it works, so please no making fun of my vocal skills! Continue reading “Record Samples in Traktor using a Microphone and S4”

Flux Mode Update in the Pipeline?

Flux mode screen shot
There was much kerfuffle a few months ago about Flux Mode, the introduction of which caused quite a stir.  There was excitement and confusion. The response was quite mixed and didnt see complete acceptance. So how are Native Instruments going to put this right and please some people….and is there an update in the pipeline Continue reading “Flux Mode Update in the Pipeline?”