Friday Guest Mix – MadPete

It seems that with only one mix currently uploaded to Soundcloud; MadPete is relatively new on the scene?  However, once you listen to this mix, you will see that he has a tuned ear for some great records and has pieced them together nicely in this musical journey of Old Vs. New.  There is a DJ history to Pete that is hidden by his soundcloud sparsity, but with a little love from you gorgeous Traktor Tips followers, I am sure we can bump his following up……..Listen to his mix below and go follow him on Soundcloud – giving is receiving, lets build … Continue reading Friday Guest Mix – MadPete

Friday Guest Mix – Philosurfer

Wanted to thank Philosurfer for this weeks mix – I have always been a house head as you can maybe tell from the majority of my mix selections for this weekly slot.  I want to try and give everyone a fair crack of the whip and feature other genres as I go.  This particular mix is a combination of some old Skool sounds and some new style dub step / Glitch hop.  Either way there is some soul behind this selection of tracks and for this, I want to introduce you to Philosurfer…… Continue reading Friday Guest Mix – Philosurfer

Friday Guest MIx – DJ Woody

There has been a whole bunch of DJ mixes submitted over that last week and I thank you for that – it’s so great to hear the different styles out there and all your different DJ Skills – keep playing and having fun. To submit your mix you need to be on Twitter….. Tweet #FridayGuestMix This week I have selected DJ Woody – If you can deal with the crying baby sound in the first track, you will be treated to a smooth selection of grooves.  I thought it was very fitting to the beautiful sunny weather I am getting … Continue reading Friday Guest MIx – DJ Woody

Pioneer takes DJ’ing to the air with XDJ-Aero

On August 9th, just one day after the announcement of the DDJ-ERGO, Pioneer announce yet another DJ mixing device, the XDJ-Aero.  This time however the price point is more than double that of the ERGO at $1399. Admittedly this unit looks a lot more flashy than the ERGO and has a slightly different layout.  The main difference however is the WI-Fi functionality.  Yes, the Aero can recognize upto four wi-fi devices, from which you can set up your playlists, (special app required) or maybe even ask people at the party to offer up their music collection, you are even able … Continue reading Pioneer takes DJ’ing to the air with XDJ-Aero