Luciano explains the Traktor Kontrol F1 and its Benefits

If you haven’t already been tempted in to the F1, Luciano may just encourage you that extra step (I know I might make the purchase pretty soon here). Luciano’s passion shows through in this video as he explains nicely how the F1 functions for him.  At first the mash up of multi-coloured lights might seem like too much to handle, but Luciano seems to explain their functionality in simplistic terms that allow you to see its versatility and tempting necessity. Thanks Luciano for stepping up to the camera and saying hi. Continue reading Luciano explains the Traktor Kontrol F1 and its Benefits

Upload your Traktor Playlist to Mixcloud

As many of you may know, MixCloud is a great web based app that allows you to upload your DJ mixes to the internet so that you can show all your friends what an amazing DJ you are! MixCloud offers you the chance to enter your track listing on your mix, not only does this give your followers a chance to see what great taste you have in music, it also offers them an option of purchasing that track should MixCloud recognize the name.  To save you the hassle of typing it all out, there is a great feature of … Continue reading Upload your Traktor Playlist to Mixcloud

Beatport Mixes

On June 19th Beatport launched Beatport Mixes a service that is being rolled out slowly to a select few with an invite only.  It appears that once up and running, you will be able to upload your DJ mixes which will be sold online through Beatport.  As beatport says on its blog, it is “a system that fairly delivers your dollars to the DJs, record producers, and labels who create the mixes you love.” Is this Beatports’ attempt at challenging the ever poplar tools such as Mixcloud and Soundcloud?  As this feature is limited public beta it may be a … Continue reading Beatport Mixes