Loop Save Settings – Traktor Remix Decks

As Dj’s all over the world slowly begin their exploration of the Traktor remix decks, the popularity of remix packs and loops is gaining some momentum. As we start to delve a little deeper, certain aspects of the remix decks … Continue reading Loop Save Settings – Traktor Remix Decks

The Remix Decks

I have huge respect for Ean Golden and his Tech Tools crew, I am a follower of their blogs and posts and always like their videos. ┬áIt seems to me that their musical genre is more based on the hip-hop, dub step side of life and this video outlining their use suggestions for Traktors Remix Decks highlights this fact. I think the video is excellent and shows off some great talents and tech know-how, but it seems like the tasks he explains in this video are so much of an effort to get things set up and going, especially with … Continue reading The Remix Decks