Friday Guest MIx – DJ Roxon

It’s been a little while since we featured a Trance Mix, so this week, it is time to debut DJ Roxon. Follow him on Twitter and Soundcloud. How do you get featured on Traktor Tips? Its really simple – upload a mix to Soundcloud – then come back to this page and click this Tweet Button >>>Tweet #FridayGuestMix Related articles Friday Guest Mix – MadPete ( Friday Guest Mix – DJ Mark One ( Friday Guest MIx – DJ Woody ( Continue reading Friday Guest MIx – DJ Roxon

Friday Guest Mix – MadPete

It seems that with only one mix currently uploaded to Soundcloud; MadPete is relatively new on the scene?  However, once you listen to this mix, you will see that he has a tuned ear for some great records and has pieced them together nicely in this musical journey of Old Vs. New.  There is a DJ history to Pete that is hidden by his soundcloud sparsity, but with a little love from you gorgeous Traktor Tips followers, I am sure we can bump his following up……..Listen to his mix below and go follow him on Soundcloud – giving is receiving, lets build … Continue reading Friday Guest Mix – MadPete