Harmonic Mixing

For years DJ’s have been mixing tunes together using their musical ear and their talents for recognizing what songs will work well with other tunes. Not only does this talent relate to the timing of beats and the blending of bass, mid and treble, but it also relates to the tone or key of these tracks. In recent years with the explosion of digital DJ’ing and the birth of MP3’s, the DJ world has been treated to software that decipher the key of a track. Musically, certain keys work well with others and knowing which tracks compliment each other can … Continue reading Harmonic Mixing

The 6 Levels of DJ’ing

The DJ world has certainly moved on over the last few decades, from the humble beginnings of House in the 70’s when the abbreviation ‘D.J.’ actually directly translated to Disc Jockey, to the current diluted world where the term DJ is as common as the word iPod.  In this day and age EVERYONE’s a DJ.  I’m sure even your grandma has “DJ’d” a few tunes in the kitchen at Christmas time, touting her knowledge of Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole. As everyone seems to be a self proclaimed DJ, (even iTunes has a DJ function), I think its time … Continue reading The 6 Levels of DJ’ing