Connecting Ustream to Facebook

There are many options available to DJ’s for getting exposure online and once you have various social outposts set up, your focus is not only mixing, but it’s self promotion too. Most people have Facebook and therefore I wanted to show you how to stream a live video DJ Mix directly to your Facebook Page.

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Tweet Your Tracks

Social media plays a huge part in all aspects of our lives and seems like it’s here to stay. There are many benefits to be had by maintaining a presence in social media and there are many aspects to promoting yourself as a DJ. One great tool for contributing to this, is to tweet your tracks names as you play them live. Continue reading “Tweet Your Tracks”

Keep it Simple: Focus on the Music

The Music industry and more so the DJ Industry has changed a great deal over the last 20 years, computers are in no doubt the reason for this change. As software develops, more gear is created and a DJ’s options have multiplied a great deal. But are there too many options and is technology distracting DJ’s from the the Music? ┬áLets take a look. Continue reading “Keep it Simple: Focus on the Music”