Traktor Pro 2.6 available for download

The 2.6 update for Traktor is now available for download in your service centre. There are a couple of things to note; most importantly not to accidentally overwrite your current effect settings. The download wont automatically give you the new effects, you have to install them. There are two ways to do this, one way is to load in the TSI setting for the effects, which will overwrite all your effect settings. The second way is to manually import them in the preferences. More details can be found in the knowledge base, but if you still wish to know a … Continue reading Traktor Pro 2.6 available for download

The Remix Decks

I have huge respect for Ean Golden and his Tech Tools crew, I am a follower of their blogs and posts and always like their videos.  It seems to me that their musical genre is more based on the hip-hop, dub step side of life and this video outlining their use suggestions for Traktors Remix Decks highlights this fact. I think the video is excellent and shows off some great talents and tech know-how, but it seems like the tasks he explains in this video are so much of an effort to get things set up and going, especially with … Continue reading The Remix Decks

Traktor 2.5 Update

We are now two months in to the release of Traktor 2.5 and Native instruments have released an update, 2.5.1. I am sure they have ironed out a few creases and made the experience better for everyone, here is a copy of the email they sent out today! Dear TRAKTOR DJ, We’re pleased to announce that the TRAKTOR 2.5.1 update is now available for free download. The update contains several new features, including Pioneer HID CDJ Integration, Remix Deck and timecode advancements for all users of the newest generation of TRAKTOR. You can download the update using the NI Service … Continue reading Traktor 2.5 Update

Xtreme Mapping

For those of you who are heavily into using controllerism as your art form when it comes to DJ’ing, you may find that the mapping capabilities of Traktors ‘Controller Manager” are somewhat lacking for your various needs and requirements.  Enter “Xtreme Mappings”. Xtreme Mappings is a Mac OSX only app, that is available from the Mac App Store for $7.99 and offers a different, purportedly more user friendly method of assigning your various midi tasks. For a full review of this software head on over to Traktor Bible.   Continue reading Xtreme Mapping

Traktor 2.5

EDIT – correction: The good news: Native instruments contacted me today to explain that all updates within a major version (e.g. 2.x) are absolutely free of charge for registered users, you´ll be able to download the newest version (2.5) in your Service Center application from May 30th onwards – you won´t have to purchase anything at all. AMAZING! So most of us probably already know of the impending release of Traktor 2.5, but how many of you are going to make this leap? It all looks very cool.  The new addition of ‘remix decks’ which seems to be an embellishment of the previous ‘sample decks’ … Continue reading Traktor 2.5