Fame Vs. Underground

It’s an interesting debate and a subject that many DJ’s find difficult to navigate.  Just as there is a fine line between genius and insanity, a similar line can be found separating DJ’s between Fame and Underground. I am sure many of you out there have different reasons for why you want to become, or have become a DJ.  I would say however, that the 3 most prominent reasons are Music, Money or recognition.  I feel it a shame that the latter 2 even be contenders, but unfortunately in this day and age, greed and narcissism are very real diseases. … Continue reading Fame Vs. Underground

The Uprise of EDM

What on earth is EDM?

Please, why has this phrase even graced our consciousness?  We have polluted an otherwise healthy love of music with a phrase that seems only suitable for an uneducated text message from a 5th grader.

The phrase ‘LOL’ has bludgeoned to death the delightful act of TRULY and physically laughing out loud.  It has reduced an emotion to 3 letters.  The phrase EDM has ripped the heart out of electronic dance music and objectified it to a measly 3 letters!

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