Friday Guest Mix – Kieran Bowley

It’s time for a dose of Trance………. This weeks Tweet #FridayGuestMix is supplied by a very active follower of Traktor Tips, Kieran Bowley.  Go ahead and check it out, you will be treated to some smooth trance sounds, with a tough edge. Check out the previous weeks Mix Continue reading Friday Guest Mix – Kieran Bowley

Percussa Audio Cubes

Today I wanted to show you all these amazing Audio Cubes from Percussa.  They were introduced in 2008 but I have not seen them around too much since.

Audio Cubes

These little beauties have more tricks up their sleeve than at first you might think.

Each cube has 4 low latency infra red sensors and communication ports, capable of communicating with another cube nearby or with your fingers and hands.  They are rechargeable by USB and offer wireless connectivity.   Continue reading “Percussa Audio Cubes”

Traktor Reveals a New Mixer

I stayed up late to await the release of the preview, but no release had been made before I had to peel off to bed.  This morning upon waking I watched the new teaser video of the Native Instruments 2+2 channel mixer. The only thing this video unveils is some terrible music! For this reason I refuse to put the video up on these pages.  Come on NI, you are based in Berlin, the home of decent music, surely you can pull something together better than this? Anyway – feel free to head on over to Native Instruments website for … Continue reading Traktor Reveals a New Mixer

Getting Technical with James Zabiela & Pete Tong

Pete Tong hosts a BBC DJ Techniques workshop with James Zabiela.  The video is amazing for geeking out to and seeing how James sets his gear up.  It also covers the Syncing debate nicely.  As James puts it, “….it’s easier than it’s ever been to beat match…. you have to evolve and bring new things into your sets….Continue reading “Getting Technical with James Zabiela & Pete Tong”

Don’t forget the Traktor Kontrol X1 – (Overview)

In recent weeks with the introduction of the new Kontrol F1 and the New Maschine it is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone to navigate the controller arena. I have received questions from many people as to which controller is right for them and following my previous article on the differences between the X1 and F1 I have decided to produce a quick video showing exactly what the Kontrol X1 does and why I find it the most valuable tool in the Native Instruments Collection of Hardware controllers. With the introduction of the Traktor Remix Decks, there isnt one controller that … Continue reading Don’t forget the Traktor Kontrol X1 – (Overview)