Controlling Traktor with my iPhone

Today I decided to look a little more deeply into different control methods for traktor and although I dont yet have an iPad, I decided to trial the smaller brother of a great iPad app…….. TouchOSC for iPhone. There are a couple of steps to get it working….(you need a mac) 1. Go to here you can obtain a free demo template for use within TouchOSC 2. Download the free demo and follow the instructions. This demo is merely template software that you can later download more intricate templates for a small price. 3. The instructions will direct you to … Continue reading Controlling Traktor with my iPhone

Podcast – Episode 2

Hey Everyone – I wanted to let you know that I have recorded my second episode of my podcast, recorded live, using Traktor.  If people are interested in knowing how I set up my Audio settings for this, feel free to drop me a line.  I may even post a video in the coming weeks to show you this. If there is anything in-particular you guys want to know, just let me know…… Traktortips Podcast Continue reading Podcast – Episode 2

Which Traktor Software is right for me?

Traktor Duo, Pro, LE or Scratch versions? One thing that Traktor has going against it, is it’s confusing line of products, which at first glance appears to be difficult to decipher!  I want to try to take the confusion out of this and offer a little advice on the direction you should take when choosing a Traktor Product. Scratch or not? If you currently DJ using turntables or CDJ’s and you want to keep that feel, then you will need to make sure you have a ‘Scratch’ version of Traktor.  This will enable you to use both Vinyl and/or CD’s … Continue reading Which Traktor Software is right for me?