Tech Support

Hello folks – If you have come here for technical support, I would like to first of all thank you for finding me, but secondly, although I love to help you all out wherever possible, I am not actually Tech Support.  I do not have any other resources than my own understanding of traktor, the manual and of course the internet.  If you are having technical issues related to software, hardware, your Mac Operating System or PC, then I would like to direct you to the official Knowledge base and support section of Native Instruments.

Those guys receive money for helping people like you, as it’s their job.  Me on the other hand, I receive nothing but pleasure from fixing your predicament.  And with around 100 – 200 visitors a day to my site, I am receiving way too much pleasure to handle in just my spare time.

So, I want to say, I love you all, if there are some cool tutorial videos you would like to see then drop me a message – or head on over to

Tutorials, Yes – Tech Support, No.

Cheers people!

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