Where to Buy

There are a multitude of amazing music stores online for the aspiring DJ, with many tracks starting from around 0.99c / 0.99p it isn’t difficult or expensive to build up a vast collection of music.  Back in the day, I too was guilty of sourcing free music and I am sure many people continue this these days.  There is much debate into the morals of downloading free music, however for the last 4 or 5 years I have been either making my own or paying for music.

Whilst it is somewhat true that big record companies stand to make a lot of money from music, most dance artists these days are launching on independent labels, more often than not, it’s a label they have set up themselves.  Artists do not make much money these days, so I am always keen to support these upcoming artists by paying them for their music.  When you start producing your own music and realize the time and effort that goes into it, one will understand that all financial support is greatly received.

Online Music Stores

There are so many, but I will recommend a few that I have used in the past:-

  1. Beatport – This site seems to be the industry standard and also serves up some excellent soundbites for use in production – It is hard to use any other sites once one has become accustomed to this excellent site.
  2. AudioJelly – These guys are currently offering wav files for 99c so you can’t lose there.
  3. Trackitdown – In the past these guys served up some excellent music, they are priced a little higher than the other sites, but definitely worth a look for some harder edged music.  They also offer some sample packs for use in production.
  4. Traxsource – These guys seem to be sporting a softer collection of music, with balearic styles being most dominant in my experience, they have however added new genres in recent times, so worth a poke around.
  5. Juno – Has moved more into the serving up of physical records and equipment, but still supply a good deal of great music.

If you guys have any other worthy stores that you feel should be included in this resource, then please fire them in a comment below and I will gladly add them.

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