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  1. I have an interesting one to crack nor NI nor the seller of my equipment knows how to deal with (took me long time to make them accept it was a real issue anyway). Perhaps you have good suggestions?

    Very straight forward house tracks are not analyzed correctly (beatgrid). Terrible thing is that I cannot find a trend. Sometimes a track is correctly gridded, sometimes it is not. It even happens a track is correctly analyzed at first, but after loading it again one hour later, it is analyzed incorrectly again. I than Asynch the track, and the beatgrid pops back to its correct position (interesting one: the cues stay on the inccorrect spot in such case).
    It is so frustrating and after months of trying no one has the answer.

    So in detail: the beatgrid is not on the kick (further up in general and as a result the next track obviously going off synch with it (button turns goes from green to red). To get it into synch I need to bend it a hell of a lot, using jog wheels and brown indicator lines. The grid is often not only moved further up , but sometimes also asymmetric.
    I have replaced laptops twice, uninstalled/installed Traktor many times, deleted tsi files, switched off WIFI and firewals, and used other MIDI controllers (Numark 4Trak, Traktor S6 and Traktor S8).

    I showed the problem real time to product experts at Bax-Shop and to the owner of Soundsupply in The Netherlands. Brought my laptop with Traktor Pro 2 installed and linked up to a S6 and a S8. They both initially could not no believe the problem to be true, but after a lot of checking had to accept. But still couldn’t find the cause.

    I have been emialing with NI for many times, sent example tracks, and printscreens of Traktor while it is happening. So far no other advice than to download the latest update, or alternatively to go back various versions. None of it helps.

  2. Hi, I have a similar problem which is extremely frustrating. I spend hours beat gridding my tracks, but when I go back into Traktor Pro 2 the following day, some of my beat grids have shifted, which means my cue points have shifted which means all of my mixing is off. Traktor Pro 2 is useless without beatgrids. I’m locking all tracks by clicking the padlock button after, please help!!!!!

    1. “Provision of MP3 files returned – if WAV provided then they will be converted to high quality 320kbps .MP3 as final output”

      Really? So if I sent my Wavs (uncompressed, raw files) that I paid more for on Beatport (for example), you’d return them in a compressed format? Why?

    1. The more you do the quicker you get! Also, some tracks auto beatgrid quite nicely, while others need some fine tuning…… just go through them testing them against one another until you find one that seems a little out, then fine tune it…..

    2. The more you do the quicker you get! Also, some tracks auto beatgrid quite nicely, while others need some fine tuning…… just go through them testing them against one another until you find one that seems a little out, then fine tune it….. There are also some services that you can pay to grid your tracks for you……

  3. it has takin me a while to get traktor working properly on this matter … im on it now with the s2 and its banging .. ahoyyyyyyy …
    work hard and the results show up!!! boom boom boom .. thank you Native !!!!

  4. in my preferences in the transport section , the section sync mode is not there and i have traktor pro 2 ??

  5. Many thanks!!

    I’m convinced that with these edits the tempp remains constant, but where they have done edit/cuts in ableton or somesuch, they haven’t got the edit points quite correct, so the beat point (gridpoint) moves as they go through, and the more edits they do the worst it gets.

    At least I really hope its this not me being an idiot 🙂



  6. Can yo do me a favour and try to beatgrid this track :


    I’ve tried it a few times a just cant seem to get it. I now think its possible (as its an edit) that the track tempo either moves or that the edits were slightly off beat, so as you go through the track, no amount of correction will keep it in sync the whole way through.

    Either that or i’m just rubbish at beatgridding 😦


    1. Sorry – should have added i’m just trying to get confirmation that my way of working (following your guide) isn’t wrong, and that its the track thats troublesome. I’m having similar issues with a few other edit’s of tracks for (I think) the same reason.

      But if not, I’ll just need to practice more 🙂


      1. Hey grant. I will get to this soon for you and let you know. I currently have Internet issues and when this is back up I will get on it. Just so you are aware, some tracks that have tempo changes can be tricky. When gridding tracks like that you have to play around with it a bit and it can be fiddley. I am hoping to make a video about this soon. Thanks.

  7. hi there, have seen your video a few times, and what’s got me thinking is that, on my s4 – t-pro2..
    i dont seem to have ”beatsynic” in my ”transport” like what you show in the video .?!?!?!? can you help on this would be cool if you could help.?! regards john.

  8. best off not trying to sync acappellas if your using time code just nudge the acappella till its sounds right its just like beat matching getting the vocals to start and end on the beat ,when syncing using tracktor it usually plays the acappella to quickly hope this helped Adau

    1. Actually – it is totally possible, although requires some set up. I will be posting a video on this shortly if one can wait. It certainly involves a little bit of prep, but well worth it for great results.

  9. Hi,

    I have anohter question: How to beat grid a track which has no beat, ie acappellas ?
    I would like to mix a track with an acappella but don’t know how to sync properly the two tracks.

    Thank you.

    1. You can play it alongside the original (non-acapella) version, at the bpm it was designed to be played at, then simply lay a grid marker on the acapella on a downbeat and then play them alongsied each other, if they sound off, you adjust the beatgrid bpm manually (original DJ method) until it sounds about right…… If you don’t have the original track and BPM you can use the tap button as you play the acapella and tap it as you would a drum to figure out its bpm. Once you have a close idea to the BPM, then load in a simple 8 or 16 bar drum loop in the other deck and sync them together manually adjusting the bpm in the acapella track (you can do this by using the expand and compress beatgrid buttons under the acapella deck in grid mode! Make sense?

  10. Hey, thanks for the tutorial, it definitely helped. My question is, once I beat-grid any track perfectly, if I ever want to change ANY of the information stored with the track (artist name, track title, etc), once that change is made, the beat grid will automatically reset to the junk version provided in Traktor’s initial analyzation of the track. I’ve tried activating the little “lock” icon, but it doesn’t do anything to fix the problem. Is there anything you can do to save your personal beat grid that will keep it from being over-written by Traktor?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. As for your little problem, it definitely should not be acting as you describe. Each time you close traktor it should save the new settings. I would confirm that you are importing your tracks to the collection and are not trying to edit within the iTunes playlists. Also make sure you don’t have 2 collections or 2 nml files. It sounds like a minor communication problem with the software or duplicate libraries. I would check your root directory or music folder settings. Hope this helps.

  11. Thanks for this tutorial, very useful.
    I have some problems with some tracks. When I thoroughly zoom into a track and try to set a grid marker, I can’t place it exactly on the first beat: The right arrow move the marker too right and the left one move the marker too left.
    How can I proceed?

    Thank you.

    1. I am unable to reproduce your predicament. – The grid marker may be very slightly off, but because you are so far zoomed in (make sure you ARE completely zoomed in) there is a small margin for error and being a millimetre off or so shouldn’t make too much difference. If it only refers to the ‘first’ beat, go and use another beat to place the grid on. Also, because you are so zoomed in, some beats won’t have beat markers on, so make sure you zoom back out, locate a beat with a grid marker on it and zoom back in on that particular beat and try it there. Always, give it a listen once the grid is set to check. Do this first against the tick, but then also against a track you have already gridded. Let me know how this goes!

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