Traktor Key Detection included in 2.6.1 Update

Traktor 2.6.1, a 274.9 MB update, has been released today on Feb 20th and it gives us a few hints about the new Traktor DJ App.

Traktor Key Detection has been included in the program, along with Downbeat detection, plus something called “Metadata synchronization with Traktor DJ

Traktor DJ App

Traktor Key DetectionIs the “Traktor DJ” something to do with the iPad App that Traktor have been teasing us with for so long?

According to DJ Tech Tools, it seems as though there is a sync with drop box function. My guess is that track preparation is likely going to be a big part of this new Traktor iPad App, as I suggested in a previous article. I can just see a nml file being synced to your drop box that contains playlists and hopefully cue and loop markers.

I am downloading the new update as we speak, (which is available through your Service Centre) so have yet to see for myself the new improvements. (Edit Feb 21st – Please see more details below following my download)

Key Detection

Traktor Key DetectionThe inclusion of this Key Detection Tool has been a long time coming for Traktor and will to some degree leave Mixed in Key a little redundant for Traktor users. For those working with an all Pioneer set up or the Serato users, they are still likely to use Mixed in Key or KeyFinder. KeyFinder is an open source key detection tool that we told you about a few months back, made by Ibsh from the NI Forums.

Ibsh has already ran some tests on the Traktor Key Detection Tool and has offered some praise for it’s accuracy. Some people have been noticing that it has been providing slightly different results, I would love to see some feedback on how you all think it is performing.

What’s New

Heading into the preferences will instantly show you 2 new options

  • Metadata Sync
  • Analyze Options

The MetaData Sync section is a where the magical syncing between Traktor, iTunes and the New Traktor DJ iPad App takes place. If you are not using iTunes to organize your music, now might be a good time to look into that if you are wanting to use the new iPad App that is?

The Analyze options section now contains the BPM detections settings along with Musical Key Settings.

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25 thoughts on “Traktor Key Detection included in 2.6.1 Update

  1. It is not surprising that different key detection software produces different key results, because all such software can only provide a rough approximation of tonal centers at best. The most accurate results come from musician keying rather than software keying.

  2. I am very sorry, but i have never used beatports key info.
    I only used mik and my ears.
    However i to have older files wich traktor does not recognize, thus resulting in the key “none” however mik also does not recognize these tracks so, my best bet is to use your ears for these unknown tracks.
    Maybe beatport got their keys wrong?
    And also i would not worry to much if the keys are different in traktor or beatport, mik & traktor also give me different values mik = 7 and traktor = 12 but if it works it works.

  3. Bas…can you help me out? In fact, some of my older files purchased @beatport, dont match with the traktor key…and some of them appear with, for example 6d (d for default?) when the files are in key with F#m, Am, Fm and Gm, or 11d 2d…etc!
    Do you know why this happens?

  4. Yep it is, tested it once again and open key works the same as mik.
    So i am gonna use traktor for key info also.
    I am gonna keep on using mik, for production and run all samples, sounds and production loops thru it.
    So its the best of both worlds for me now!

  5. well…it seams that the “open key” set up results in fact in the camelot sistem(numbers,minors and Majors!
    But, the key text that apears in my colection its EXACTLY the same if i choose “key” (fifths keys – A to G, sharp or flat, major or minor) in the traktor. why?probably because 99% of the music that i use is purchased @ beatport (i had allready the “fifths” information key in the traktor before the upgrade to 2.6.1), i presume that NI (as it apears in the help tab in traktor to visit the web store) and beatport are “key” correspondent… so.. bye bye MIK!!!!

  6. I dont know if this is exactly the theory behind traktors key detection, but ive compared the two key rows :
    Key text wich shows the mik keys
    Key wich shows traktor keys
    And with that i came to the conclusion from my earlier post.
    So please try it for yourself and see if it works and if am right about this.

  7. Youre welcome!
    I was a mixed in key user also, and traktor gives me a different key.
    Select “open key” this matches mik in the way it works (camelot) but a mik analyzed track in 7a is 12m if traktor analyzes it. So a traktor analyzed track in the key of 11 is 6 in mik.
    So you can mix tracks exactly the same as in mik.
    One up or down, major to minor or (this does not work all
    time, so pre listen carefully) plus or minus 4

  8. but this key is not in the camelot system (they only aproach that system by the colors)…or it offers you the possibility to chose in what “mode” you want the classification? (fifths or camelot)

  9. As a Mixed In Keys user for over a year, I find it very annoying if the update will overwrite my ID3 tags or even my personal comments in the tags. MIK users should definitely NOT upgrade if version 2.6.1 will do so. All the efforts spent in customizing your library would be gone with the wind.

    1. Yep! I never did get mixed in Key myself – I like the colour coding with the keys, seems easy to see each key now!

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