Traktor Archive Playlist History: Find old Sessions

Traktor has many great features, some they tell you about, some they don’t. Even after I have been scouring the preferences and settings of Traktor for the last few years, I am always learning new things. This week I was reminded of the archive feature for old playlists.

Pull up all your Traktor Session

Thanks to a discussion on the Native Instruments Forum board between two fine gentlemen; Karlos Santos and mrk2013, I can present you with this short but exciting tip on how you can retrieve any session from your Traktor Archive playlist history.

So now if you remember how damn cool your set was a week last friday, or even a year ago, but you have no clue what you played; you can dig up the history and create a playlist from it to rock that same set again.

This is excellent for those times you forgot to press record, or those times you shut down Traktor before making a note of what was in the History folder!

10 thoughts on “Traktor Archive Playlist History: Find old Sessions

  1. Great article! I had no idea I could do this!
    Quick question, Why when I go to my archived file are a great number of tracks I know I played during that set not shown in the playlist history?

    1. Did you play them for long enough – maybe they didnt record as they might need to play for more than a certain time. If this is not the case, then I maybe suggest you direct the question to NI support of check out their forum where you can source great answers!

  2. Been using TSP for 3 years and only now I know how to recover old playlists directly in the software. Damn! Thanks for the tip.

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