Traktor News Show – Cool Gear, Apps and a Funny Video

This week I cover a bunch of new Traktor equipment including a great theremin App for the iPhone.

Below are links to all the content I mention above:

  • Fader Fox DJ44 – Check out this awesome new midi controller with built in carry case.
  • Digital Warrior – Check out how the sequencer can trigger clips inside your remix decks.
  • Theremin I/O – A great new App for the iPhone that allows you to use your camera as a contactless effect control.
  • Banned S4 – Digital Dj Tips story of a guy banned from using his S4 in a club.
  • Crack Smoking Remix – The Huffington Post covers a Remix made about Rob Ford, the crack smoking Mayor of Toronto.

Also here’s the full video of the Digital Warrior in Action:

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