Connecting Ustream to Facebook

There are many options available to DJ’s for getting exposure online and once you have various social outposts set up, your focus is not only mixing, but it’s self promotion too. Most people have Facebook and therefore I wanted to show you how to stream a live video DJ Mix directly to your Facebook Page.

What Equipment is Required in Connecting UStream to Facebook?

It doesn’t matter what equipment you are using, but it is likely that the specific requirements will change depending on your set up. Each controller, or set-up can differ so much that it may mean you will require different cables or extra computers or something other than what you currently have. I used a Traktor Kontrol S4 for my broadcast, but you are able to use anything really, so long as a few criteria are met. Aside from the obvious requirements of a Computer, Traktor and Internet; in order for a Stream to work you need the following minimal requirements:

  • Facebook Page (Not Profile)
  • Ustream Account
  • a computer with a built in camera and an ‘audio in’ port
  • Depending on your set up, you may need a second computer?

Facebook Page

Ustream does not allow you to stream to your personal Facebook profile as yet and therefore you will need a Page of some sort. Obviously not everyone has a fan page, but if you want to promote yourself as a DJ, then it’s not a bad thing to have.  If you’re unsure how to set up a Facebook Page, then take a look at this How To.

Ustream Account

Once you have your Facebook Page Set up, you will need a Ustream Account. Its’ very easy and simple to set up – Head to and sign up.
Once your account is set up you will need to install the Ustream Facebook App.

  • Go to
  • Click the ‘Get it now’ Button
  • You will be diverted to Facebook where you must log in.
  • You then have the option to pick the page you would like the App to be installed on – Select your DJ Page

Once you have agreed to the conditions and have activated the Ustream Facebook App you should see the Ustream Tab appear on your Page:

Facebook Ustream No Tab

If like in the image above, you don’t see the Ustream App – then click the small drop down arrow to the right of the tabs:

Facebook Ustream Tab

When you see the blue Ustream Tab appear, you can hover over it with the mouse and switch positions with something in the top row, so that it always appears in prime location on your Facebook Page:

Swap the tabs - Facebook

When the page is all set up you can go ahead and click the Ustream Tab – this will take you to the Ustream page where you can then connect it to your Ustream account. If you have set up more than one Ustream channel you can chose which one you would like displayed in this tab. As you can see from the image below, I have 2 channels – I selected the Traktor Tips Channel to Appear in the Traktor Tips Facebook Page Ustream Tab.

set up the ustream in Facebook

Once you have your Facebook Ustream App all set up and ready to go, your Ustream Tab will look like the screen below. You are able to go live right from within the tab, or if you prefer, you can go live from inside Ustream itself. When you are streaming live, the video area inside the Facebook Tab will display a play button and anyone directed to this facebook Tab, will be abe to press play. You are also able to share this stream live on your Facebook Wall, to notify your friends that you are live. Once live, you can chose between facebook comments or a chat window that integrates in real time with the chat window inside Ustream.

facebook ustream tab

How to DJ on Ustream

So now you have your Ustream and Facebook all set up, the important part is getting video and audio into the stream so you can invite all your friends to come and watch the show!

Ustream uses flash technology, open up your Ustream account on your web browser and click the ‘Go Live’ button. You will then be presented with your options for connecting various audio and video outputs. See which options are best for your set up.

First you need to ‘Allow‘ Flash to access your camera and audio. Then I would recommend you select Built in Input for your Audio. Selecting microphone will give you poor quality and will also pick up everything you say and do in your room.

Allow Flash Accessselect built in input

What’s your set up?

You need to decide what set up you are going to use? For my broadcast I used the following:

  • Kontrol S4
  • MacBook Pro with built in Camera and an Audio In port

The S4 has 2 audio outputs which is great for this task. One output will go directly to my speakers and the other output will go to the audio input on my computer. You obviously need the right cables to perform this operation. As many laptop ‘audio in’ ports are a small 1/8″ jack in (3.5mm), you will need either a split mono RCA or split mono 1/4″ (8mm) jack on one end; to a single stereo 1/8″ (3.5mm) jack on the other.

RCA to stero 1/8" Jack - Click to Buy3 foot 1/4" jack to 1/8" jack Y-cable - Click to Buy


Click the images above to be directed to Amazon for your cables

If your mixer does not have 2 Outputs, then you can use a splitter cable to split the audio between your Speakers and the ‘audio in‘ port on your Computer.

If your computer does not have an ‘Audio in‘ port, then you may want to research the use of ‘Jack Router‘ – this is a complex application that will require quite a bit of set up and a lot of figuring out. I definitely recommend that you try and find a computer with an ‘Audio in’ port for the easiest set up.

You said I might need two computers?

Yes, using one computer to DJ off and to film from, can either create for a rather dull camera angle, or make it difficult for you to see the screen. This is why having two computers can make things a little better for both the viewer and yourself. If you don’t have that luxury though, you can try setting the computer as far way from you as possible, so the camera captures your skills on the decks whilst you are still able to see the screen.

Alternatively you can simply turn off the camera and simply broadcast the audio.

I managed to find a decent location for the laptop up high and to one side, with the screen folded down looking at my hands on the controller. I was still able to see the screen and able to toggle between Traktor and Ustream incase I needed to talk to anyone else in the chat room.


Once you have everything connected and all the settings correct, you can adjust the levels to make sure the sound is coming through – You will want to mute the sound on the computer before you go live, or you will be forced to listen to yourself with a 5 to 10 second delay or so. Very Annoying.

setting ustream levels

When you are up and running – you can head back over to facebook and use the share function we covered earlier in this article.

Ustream also has an option to connect Twitter and Facebook, so you can spread your messages right from within the Ustream App.

Ustream social Share

Share your Mixes on Ustream

You can record your mixes as you stream, doing so will then place all your mixes on rotation, so that when anybody visits your Ustream Facebook App, or Ustream page, they will see these mixes playing on rotation. The free version limits you to 10GB of storage. Alternatively, you can set the player, like I have, to cycle through a slideshow whilst you are off air.

Post your streams in the comments below along with any questions you may have….

Happy Streaming…..



12 thoughts on “Connecting Ustream to Facebook

  1. Previously I was using UStream with Traktor for iPad with a Kontrol Z1 to record online. Everything was working perfectly until I took a hiatus for a few months, then came back online yesterday. I haven’t changed anything about my setup, but now whenever I try to broadcast or record to UStream the playback on the waveform slows to a crawl and the audio on my monitors is nothing but static. As soon as I stop recording & power down Traktor, disconnect the mixer and restart everything the normal playback resumes working perfectly.

    Did something change with Traktor or UStream in the last few months that would cause this? Because I have some new stuff I want to record and this is VERY frustrating.

    1. Crisis averted. I updated my iPad’s software (as well as Traktor’s!) and everything is working OK now.

  2. What do you guys have all the levels set to? Ive got the ustream vol set to literally “5 and its still clipping on the VU metre there. Everything else ive got turned down low also (Kontrol S4 and the line in vol on the PC soundcard)

  3. Ok im having a nightmare with this. Hopefully you guys might be able to help.

    1. I cant “go live” via the facebook artist page ive created, it just doesnt do anything. The settings bits next to it work though.
    2. I click the ustream tab at the bottom of the page ok, i click go live on that next tab that opens up(ustream) and it says “live” but goes to offline every 10seconds or so then comes back on.
    3. If i check the stream on a different computer i go to the ustream or the facebook pages with the stream on, and they both just say “offline”

    4. I have audio coming into the internal soundcard on the PC via line in from a S4 Mk2, i can see the sound coming in via the VU Metre in “sound” via the control panel (Windows 7).

    Any ideas guys? Cos im about to throw the damn thing out the window.


  4. hey audio in do you mean the micophone slot on the side of the laptop or though the headphones slot

    regard s


  5. Nice one! Few things in here which I didn’t yet know and I been using Ustream for a long time, the integration saves time without doing all the copy pasting of links 🙂

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