Traktor 2.5

EDIT – correction: The good news: Native instruments contacted me today to explain that all updates within a major version (e.g. 2.x) are absolutely free of charge for registered users, you´ll be able to download the newest version (2.5) in your Service Center application from May 30th onwards – you won´t have to purchase anything at all. AMAZING!

Traktor F1 on Traktortips

So most of us probably already know of the impending release of Traktor 2.5, but how many of you are going to make this leap?

It all looks very cool.  The new addition of ‘remix decks’ which seems to be an embellishment of the previous ‘sample decks’ looks great, as does all the fancy colourful buttons on the new F1 controller. But is Traktor taking their amazing DJ software into a realm of technology that will be going above some peoples heads?

Too much Tech?

When I first started DJ’ing, you had less choices and options.  You had to chose which type of turntable you wanted, which mixer and which needles! Now, there are so many DJ choices on the market, that it has become somewhat similar to negotiating a minefield.  But once you’ve chosen your weapons of choice, it’s not just as straight forward as learning how to DJ, you have to learn how to become a technical wizard, or witch.

After my stint with Vinyl, I moved to CDJ’s and then to Traktor Scratch and then incorporated an X1 into my gadgetry collection.  I have recently added Maschine, and now I am faced with an upcoming decision as to what I should do with Traktor 2.5 and an F1 Controller?

Traktor 2.5 Screen Shot As I read the New features page of Traktor 2.5, I find myself scratching my head despite the fact that I have achieved a pretty high level of competence in the realm of “tech-knowledgey”.  This leaves me questioning whether Native Instruments (the makers of Traktor) are leaving a certain market behind?

It is no surprise that certain groups of old Skool wax pushers are unable to adopt the digital DJ world, as you need a degree in electronics to even understand its capabilities, never mind smoking copious amounts of weed before breaking out the decks! Please don’t jump on me here, I am in no way suggesting that all Vinyl users are stoners, or indeed not capable of attaining a degree. But I am simply trying to highlight the complexities of the current world of DJ’ing.

So, where to from here?

Traktor Tips Maschine working with 2.5The ‘Ease of use‘ page says nothing of how easy Traktor is to use! And NI explain that the X1 nor the Maschine will work to its fullest potential with the remix decks, leaving new adopters and upgrades alike, very little choice but to purchase the F1.

Either Way…

You don’t have to upgrade, you are able to continue using Traktor the way you do.  There will be a demo version available soon. Then if you feel you will be making use of the remix decks, then it’s time to break out the wallet for the reasonably priced upgrade of $44.50 (see correction at top) and the F1 at $279.

What are you going to do?

I am interested to learn what you lot will be doing? Are you excited, annoyed, or couldn’t care less?
What set up are you currently using, will you be upgrading to 2.5 or are you happy with what you’ve got?
I currently feel that I do not need any more controllers, pads, or options in my DJ set, but I will at least have a look at the demo version when it comes out.

4 thoughts on “Traktor 2.5

  1. I’m absolutely excited of this 2.5 version update. The thing I would love to see is full integration between Traktor, Maschine and Komplete. Maschine and Komplete works really nice together now and when Traktor 2.5 will have the Remix decks… I guess you can see my point here. 🙂 Basically easy mechanism to create&group Samples & Loops with Maschine and load those into Traktors Remix deck without touching mouse or keyboard.

    I’ve a long history with vinyls but now after one and half years with Traktor – I think there is no coming back anymore for me. 🙂 (Note: and I’m not going to give up on vinyls – I just can’t do all the stuff with those that I would love to do…) I just love the possibilities that the digital world gives me – cue points, loops, samples, dedicated controllers etc. Here is my current setup for running Traktor: 2xTechnics, Ecler Nuo4, Audio8DJ, X1 and pair of Dicers. And for production: Komplete Audio 6 + Maschine + Remote SL25 Compact. I will definitely buy a F1 for controlling the Remix Deck on deck D – X1 can handle the decks A-C…

    1. Sounds like you have really taken to the digital world in a big way – good for you – you seem pretty damn happy about it. Your set up sounds great! Have fun…..and thanks for reading Traktortips…

  2. I feel like this is one of the more legit controllers out there, if you’re in to more than just mixing deck A in to deck B (not that there is anything wrong with that!). Live remixes on-the-fly are now much easier and more intuitive than ever. I too took a pretty similar journey equipment-wise as yourself but what made me eventually move to Traktor was the possibilities it opened in terms of cool tricks, loops and chained effects, etc (+ convenience). I will definitely be purchasing an F1 and sticking it somewhere between my Kontrol S4 and my turntables.

    1. I agree, it is definitely taking things to the next level – And that is certainly the way it is going. Remixing or producing on the fly, is the new form of DJ’ing. Let us know how your F1 experience goes as soon as you can. Thanks and happy mixing!

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